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What is SPF (Sender Policy Framework) text record?

SPF – Sender Policy Framework. SPF is a TXT Record with some text in it. Usually SPF looks like this:
v=spf1 mx ~all, the meaning of tags you can see at Since it’s just a TXT record and publicly available, it was created for Anti-Spam software to be used. If a domain doesn’t have this record, and you send an email from this domain, most likely your email will go into SPAM/Junk folder and not inbox. Basically there are more and more features being invented to prevent spam senders and this one helps a little prove that the domain you are sending emails from is yours. It became so popular that now, other than TXT record, there is a special SPF record on DNS. We don’t create it for all clients. Nowadays mostly all spammers found a way to go around SPF anyway, so there are more things being created to prove that YOU were the sender of the email and not spammer. One of the new things is DKIM…to-SmarterMail used via TXT record too, but rather than just plain text like SPF, DKIM is encrypted, hashed and looks like this:

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