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Tutorials – Configuring cron jobs on Windows – Next Generation Web Management

To setup a Windows machine to run cron.php at a specific time follow the specific instructions below. This can be useful if you are not familiar with Linux/Unix, or if your web host does not offer the ability to run cron jobs; you can run them remotely from your own computer.

Note: These instructions were written for Windows XP but should be similar in other versions of Windows.
Creating a Scheduled Task
  • Open Scheduler
  • Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks
  • Double-click Add Scheduled Task
  • The Scheduled Task Wizard will appear. Click Next.
  • Select the program to run. Choose your browser from the list (for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). Click Next.
  • Give the task a Name, such as My Cron Job, and choose the Frequency with which to perform the task (for example, Daily)). Click Next.
  • Choose specific date and time options (this step will vary, depending on the option selected in the previous step). When finished, click Next.
  • Enter your password if prompted. Change the username if required (for example, you´d like the task to run under a user with fewer privileges security reasons). Click Next.
  • On the final page, select the checkbox Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish and click Finish.
Configuring the task
  • Go to the task´s setting page either by checking the checkbox at the end of the last step, or by double-clicking on the task.
  • In the Run box, after the text that is there now (for example, C:PROGRA~1MOZILL~1 irefox.exe), enter a space and then type the address to your website´s cron.php page in double quotations (for example, C:PROGRA~1MOZILL~1 irefox.exe
  • To set a frequency more often than Daily (for example, hourly), click theSchedule tab, then click Advanced. Here you can set options such as Repeat task, every 1 hour for 23 hours. Click Ok when finished.
  • Change the start time on the task to one minute from the current time. This will allow you to test the task and make sure that it is working.
  • When all settings have been configured to your liking, click Apply and OK (note: you may be prompted for your password).

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