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How To Upgrade to ubuntu16.04 LTS from ubuntu 14.04 LTS from SSH

This article will describe the steps to upgrade ubuntu 14.04 LTS to ubuntu 16.04 LTS from command line (SSH/ or server cosnole)


  • Don’t attempt upgrade for system with RAM below 1GB, Attempting to upgrade a server with less than 1GB of RAM may result in database corruption.
  • Please take snapshot of your server before you start upgrade process.
  • All of apps and services will be down during upgrade process.
  • Upgrade process would take few minutes to several hours, all depends on your server network connection speed and server hardware.

Preparation to upgrade:

SSH to your server as root and run below command to make sure your server is ready to upgrade, if you see error messages or any command fails, don’t start upgrade process:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo dpkg --configure -a

If you don’t see any error messages by executing above commands, you are ready to upgrade your server, follow commands as below:

sudo do-release-upgrade -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive

At the completion of upgrade process you would see prompt to remove obsolete packages, just enter ‘y’ after this upgrade process is complete .

Restart your server

sudo init 6

Now your server is upgraded to latest release.

Once upgrade complete and server successfully booted with new OS, be advised to create new snapshot of your server.

If your upgrade fails due to any reason you can restore from snapshot of old release that you generated before to start your OS upgrade process.

Ubuntu 16.04 release notes:

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