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How to block an IP(IP range) in CSF

You can block a single IP address or IP range from WHM interface or from the server bash/ SSH shell.

Block an IP from WHM:

    1. Log in to WHM as root.
    2. Navigate to Plugins section >> ConfigServer Security & Firewall 
    3. Explore for the Quick Deny section/button >> Enter the IP address or IP range in the red edit box that you willing to block. If you want, you can also add a comment in the next edit box.
    4. Click the Quick Deny button .
    5. The IP will be added to the CSF block list – /etc/csf/csf.deny file – and you will see a confirmation message:
    6. Click the Return button to return to the CSF main page.


Block an IP address / IP address range from server command line/ SSH:

  1. Log in to the server via SSH as root

Use the command: csf -d IP (replace IP with the IP address you willing to block , see examples below):

csf -d

You can also block IP blocks, like:

csf -d
csf -d

Or using your favorite editor edit /etc/csf/csf.deny directly to add IP addresses / IP ranges at once!

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