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Arabic Language Shows ??? in Smartermail Web interface


Problem: When someone send email through smartermail web interface anything with Arabic Language shows ????. Is this SM related or something we need to set server side?\r\n\r\nSolution: This can be controlled at the User’s Inbox through Settings > My Settings > Account Settings >> Compose. Set the Text Encoding to “Unicode (UTF-8)” (“Arabic (ISO)” […]

ASP.Net Vulnerability Patch released: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-070 Vulnerability patch released […]

ASP.NET Security Vulnerability Workaround

In our first community post we covered a workaround you can apply immediately on your sites and applications to prevent attackers from exploiting it. Today, we are revising it to include an additional defensive measure.\r\nThis additional step can be done at a server-wide level, and should take less than 5 minutes to implement. Importantly, this step does not replace the other steps in the original workaround, rather it should be done in addition to the steps already in it. Below are instructions on how to enable it. […]

Important: ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

\r\n\r\nA few hours ago Microsoft released a Microsoft Security Advisory about a security vulnerability in ASP.NET. This vulnerability exists in all versions of ASP.NET.\r\n\r\nThis vulnerability was publically disclosed late Friday at a security conference. We recommend that all customers immediately apply a workaround (described below) to prevent attackers from using this vulnerability against your ASP.NET […]

Windows 7 Network Disconnects When Idle

Windows 7 Network Disconnects When Idle?\r\n

I am having an issue with the network interfaces (both wired and wireless) disconnecting when the computer is idle for some period of time (~15 minutes from what I’ve observed).


This happens both when the computer is plugged into a power source and when running off the […]

Configuring cron job on Windows machines

These instructions are written for Windows XP but will be similar in case of other Windows systems.

Create a scheduled task:Open SchedulerGo to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks.Double-click Add Scheduled Task.The Scheduled Task Wizard will appear. Click Next.Select the program to run. Choose your browser from the list (for […]

How To Run Linux Style Cron Jobs on Windows

How To Run Linux Style Cron Jobs on Windowsby Varun Kashyap on Feb. 7th, 2009

Ever wanted to connect/disconnect the Internet connection at particular times? Want to perform disk defragmentation on weekends when you are not working on your computer? Want to perform backups on 27th of each month?If you ever wondered how you could […]