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Windows 7 Network Disconnects When Idle?

Windows 7 Network Disconnects When Idle? I am having an issue with the network interfaces (both wired and wireless) disconnecting when the computer is idle for some period of time (~15 minutes from what I’ve observed). This happens both when the computer is plugged into a power source and when running off the battery. […]

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romacities notepad: “Modern Browsers and ACID3 Parade”

What is IP v6?

Internet Protocol v6, or IPv6, is an Internet layer protocol developed in the 1990s (RFC2460) as an alternative to IPv4. IPv6 is based on 128-bit addresses, meaning that there are 2128 individual addresses available, which is approximately 3.4×1038, and exactly:340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431, 768,211,456IPv6 provides enough addresses to allow the Internet to continue to expand and the […]

Windows Script Host – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Windows Script Host – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Server Too Busy, Too Hot, Too Slow? Proactive Remote Server Monitoring Tools Are Vital

After reading an article by Penny Crosman in the “Wall Street & Technology Reports” January 2009 edition about monitoring servers in a remote data center, a few thoughts on the importance of remote server monitoring were provoked.


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