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VirtualBox 4.0.0 Beta 1 released for testing

Oracle has released a first beta for version 4.0.0 of the open source VirtualBox desktop virtualisation application for x86 hardware. According to Oracle’s Frank Mehnert, the preview of the next major update to VirtualBox is considered to be a “bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes”. \r\n\r\nVirtualBox 4.0.0 Beta 1 features new settings and a disk file layout for VM portability, support for the Open Virtualisation Format Archive (OVA) and a redesigned user interface with guest window preview and a new display mode. Support for asynchronous I/O for iSCSI, VMDK, VHD and Parallels images, as well as resizing VDI and VHD images has also been added. Other changes include support for more than 1.5/2 GB guest RAM on 32-bit hosts, the ability to copy files into a guest file system, support for the Intel ICH9 chip-set and a number of bug fixes.\r\n\r\nAs with all development releases, use in production environments and on mission critical systems is not advised. The developers ask users testing the release not to report issues to the VirtualBox Bugtracker, but instead to provide feedback about any problems they encounter via the VirtualBox forum.\r\n\r\nMore details about the development preview, including a full list of changes and new features, can be found in the official release announcement. VirtualBox 4.0.0 Beta 1 is available to download from the project’s site. The latest stable release of VM VirtualBox is version 3.2.12 from the end of November.\r\n\r\nUpdate: Starting with version 4.0 the license for VirtualBox has changed. For the first time, both the base Oracle VM VirtualBox product source code and the binary are licensed under the GPLv2, while the Extension Pack mechanism, which allows third-party sources to add their own add-on functionality, is licensed under the PUEL. The change means that distributors shipping the Open Source Edition (OSE) of VirtualBox no longer need to build from the sources themselves.\r\n\r\nSource: HOpen, Oracle

FreeNAS 8.0 Beta released

The FreeNAS developers have announced the availability of the first beta for version 8.0 of FreeNAS, a FreeBSD based network attached storage (NAS) Unix like server operating system. FreeNAS Logo\r\n\r\n\r\nAccording to iXsystems FreeBSD Development Director Warner Losh, “the new FreeNAS makes it easier to upgrade, back up, or restore, with the system taking care of all the details,” adding that, “FreeNAS makes running a NAS box simple and easy”. FreeNAS includes a full Web configuration graphical user interface (GUI) and supports, for example, the FTP, NFS, CIFS (Samba), AFP, rsync and iSCSI protocols and software RAID (0,1,5).\r\n\r\nBased on FreeBSD 8.1, the development release features version 14 of the ZFS (Zettabyet File System) and includes a redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) built using Python and the Django web framework that’s aimed at making the OS easier to use. The developers say that the new system is much more modular than previous versions and, in addition to using Django, they are also using theDojo Toolkit to implement AJAX features.\r\n\r\nOther changes include improved hardware support, faster I/O and better modularity. Additionally, the installer has been rewritten using pc-sysinstall and the ISO now only includes an installer to install FreeNAS onto a dedicated device, such as a USB flash drive, hard drive or memory card – users can no longer run in a LiveCD mode.\r\n\r\nLosh notes that, after the first beta build was released (r5591), a few “serious problems came to life”. As such, they have re-spun the release to address a variety of issues, including gmirror errors, very long write times for disks and a ZFS problem on reboot.\r\n\r\nAs with all development releases, use in production environments and on mission critical systems is not advised. Users testing the release are encouraged to provide feedback and report any bugs that they encounter.\r\n\r\nFurther information about the development preview can be found in the official release announcement and in the release notes. A detailed change log has yet to be posted. FreeBSD 8.0 Beta build r5606 is available to download fromSourceForge.\r\n\r\nFreeNAS was voted as one of the ten best networking tools in InfoWorld’s 2010Best Open Source Software Awards. The latest stable release is version 0.7.2from the 17th of October.

Ethical Hacking Tools – Live Hacking CD

LogoI’m glad to share the information about Live hacking CD that is a Linux distribution packaged with collection of amazing tools for ethical hacking and penetration testing, that includes some IPv6 tools. This CD contains the tools and utilities you need to test and hack your own network but using the tools and techniques that more malicious hackers would use.\r\n\r\nLive Hacking CD is based on Ubuntu. This Live CD runs directly from the CD and there is no need installation of these tools on your hard disk. You can use the bundled  tools to test, check, ethical hack and perform penetration tests on your network to make sure that it is secure from outside intruders.\r\n\r\nAs well the standard Linux networking tools like ping, wget, curl, telnet and ssh, the Live Hacking CD has tools for DNS enumeration and reconnaissance as well as utilities for foot-printing, password cracking and network sniffing. It also has programs for spoofing and a set of wireless networking utilities.\r\n\r\nThis CD is based on open source technology and based on Ubuntu Linux. All the tools included can be freely found in either the Ubuntu repositories on from the Internet. The CD is designed to be a platform to help IT security professionals (as well as those with a general interest in information security) to start, understand and conduct penetration tests and ethical hacking.\r\n\r\nThe Live Hacking Mini CD is a small Linux distribution designed for ethical hacking. This is compact version of Live Hacking CD contains all necessary tools and utilities but GUI interface is not included in this CD and it’s command based only.\r\n\r\nDownload Live Hacking CD\r\n


  • Live Hacking CD, Version 1.2 Beta August 25, 2010, ISO-MD5 Hash: ded9ce8ee66c7d7e23f535d38a10e91f Download (SourceForge.net)
  • \r\n

  • Live Hacking CD, Version 1.1 Full April 27, 2010, ISO-MD5 Hash: dd1d96aec7821e6b623c93a1c9569658 Download (SourceForge.net)
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  • Live Hacking Mini CD, Version 1.0 Beta, April 27, ISO-MD5 Hash: dd19a497421f37c508d681586e132c99 Download (SourceForge.net)
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\r\nMore information about Live Hacking CD\r\n

\r\nSource: Livehacking, alijahangiri\r\n\r\nI’m thankful Livehacking and Ali Jahangiri to post the information of amazing tools.

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